Monday, October 7

Sunday, November 4

Pia Natalia

Some images I shot of Pia Natalia at school, a few days ago.

Friday, November 2


Just a few pictures from a shoot with Veronica Karlsen @ Tøyen, Oslo.


Spontaneously shot some images of Ronai @ Bjerke, Oslo. We’re both actually pretty happy with how they came out!

Danila Ailene

Finally I finished editing part one of the photos from the week’s shoot with Danila Ailene @ Akershus Festning, Oslo.


Here are some pictures of my cousin, Camilla Tran. From last summer.

Veronica Karlsen

Some shots of Veronica Karlsen @ Linderud here in Oslo, from last fall.

Tuesday, October 30

Danila Ailene

Some images I shot of Danila Ailene here in Oslo at Huk beach, few months ago in the summer holidays.